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Friday, August 27, 2004

Date night

How many of the married couples out there get the 'date nights' that the media and counselors recommend? I dare say fewer than 10% unless your family lives with you or you have skads of money for babysitters. There's only one or two babysitters I trust with my kids. Maybe I'm paranoid, but the idea of 'what if' always dances across my mind as I order my appetizer.
But tonight it's official and certified by the in-laws watching the rugrats. What to do? Obviously I have time to 'blog' but more to the point, I have adult time. Time without explaining why our dogs urinate near the swingset, or argue why play dough isn't really a food even though it won't hurt to eat it. Bathing at my own leisure instead of slicing my legs up from my son's constant interruptions and daughter's incessant tattletelling. That's adult time.
Since I get to pick the place, surely there will be a restaurant with only adults enjoying conversations without the words 'spank', 'peepee', or the phrase 'if I have to tell you one more time....'
By the morning I will miss them and pick them up early. But not until the morning!


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