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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Feeling old

Today, I felt my age swallow me whole. Two children I babysat while in high school are now grown, working in fabulous jobs, hobknobbing with entertainment's elite and making me feel old. I remember taking bubble gum to these youngsters and racing lobsters on the kitchen floor before they were steamed in Nonquit, Mass. But I am so proud of them and their family.
I wish I could be as carefree with my kids as I was with Stuart and Ellen. When I became a parent, all of that went out the window and in came the worrying, disciplining, coaching, and corraling that wasn't part of being a babysitter.
This is a short blurb today. The kids are changing clothes for the 4th time in one hour. No wonder I get Christmas cards from Tide and Cheer.


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