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Monday, August 30, 2004

Going Wireless

Just when I thought I couldn't be more 'internet-ized', I upgraded my laptop to wireless. At first, I thought I would only use it in the living room, while the kids were watching TV. And then I took it outside.........Good Lord, there I was, checking my email in front of our English Mastiff! Later that night, after my husband began his train-like snoring, I snuggled up to my laptop for another hour in bed. This can't be a good thing, can it?
On other fronts, the final revision continues with A MONTH FULL OF SUNDAYS. It's funny how you find little glitches the twentieth time you read your own material. Somehow the words 'her stomach' were just inserted into a paragraph totally unrelated to someone's stomach, much less a body.
My daughter, God love her, she wore the tackiest lip gloss to dinner last night. I remember those days when just the act of wearing lip gloss made you feel pretty whether the color was right or not. She pushed for blush but at 7, she won't be seeing blush for at least 5 more years. Not out of the house, anyway.
After watching Kill Bill Vol. 2, I have decided when I get a book deal, I will invest in Martial Arts training. I know, you don't really spin like Uma or back flip in slow motion, but the idea that I could spin kick without my hip popping out of socket or battle with my arms is a pretty cool idea...........okay, I will probably just BUY martial arts movies instead.


  • Wireless is the only way to go these days. It makes the "laptop" or "portable" or "notebook" really usable for what it was designed for. Wendi went wireless for the internet at the house and she has a wireless card for travelling. It is great to see her have that kind of mobility with her computer.

    By Blogger Don Friend, at 2:01 AM  

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