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Monday, August 30, 2004

Lymphedema, writing, and motherhood

There is a group of women I am blessed to know. Cedar Haven Rehab Center, class of June 2000, Basic Certfication in Lymphedema Treatment. In one week, I learned more than just technique and methods, but the other women taught me about perseverance, patience, and the meaning of being a therapist.
If you don't know what lymphedema is, I strongly urge you to educate yourself about the 'overload of lymph fluid' that can change a person's life and those that live with them. Breast cancer survivors, prostate cancer survivors, burn victims, DVT survivors, and many others face this burden often with no hope given. Think about living with an arm or leg two or three times its normal size, hardening and weakening with each day. For years, these patients were told to just live with it, that they were lucky to be alive. The priceless education I received at Cedar Haven gave me the tools to change many patients' lives. And their spouses lives. If you don't know what that feels like, think of when your child says your kisses make their boo-boos feel better...........it's kinda like that. So, please take time to learn about it because I can tell you first hand there will be people in your life and your community that will need to know life can be normal again.
Whew! And who says I can't get on a soapbox?
On writing, my goal is Labor Day to have the final version sent to my agent Lantz Powell. He's a great guy with loads of patience and wicked email humor. And his brother lives in my favorite state, God's country, Oklahoma.
Now onto motherhood. My 7 year old had her friend, an older boy of 8 years old, over to play for the afternoon. I turn my back for a moment and suddenly she's dressed in her bikini top and jean skirt. Now the wading pool is empty and the slip and slide was chewed to pieces by the Mastiff so what is the point of the top? Uh-huh, it's the Britney Spears syndrome. Show your belly and you're cool. Not in this house, young lady. Long story short, he was sent home and she changed clothes with strict orders to never change clothes when company is here. Geez, and she's only 7! My son informed me he met a cute girl at school and will marry her after he gets out of Spiderman college. That's fine with me. I'm still applying to the Wonder Woman University or Bionic Woman Tech.


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