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Saturday, August 28, 2004

On the verge of publishing!

Let's all take a breath and say a prayer that I will be published this year. A Month Full Of Sundays took almost two years to complete, what with the kids, my marriage, work, the dogs and the other stories floating around in my head. For my friends, this won't be a surprise as I tell stories about my family or my own embaressing confessions.
My next project will either be finishing the nursing home story "Rocks of Ages" based on my experiences in long term care or another therapy-based story with a therapist treating her husband's former father-in-law. Pretty dramatic stuff but if you know me, and some of you do, you know I will have something funny in there.
If you are wondering how I had time to write a book, I wrote longhand for the first year. On trips to OK or after the kids were in bed were always good times for me but when I turned 33, I invested in a laptop which has been a blessing and a curse. Even though I can write whenever and where I want, my rear has spread from the sedentary lifestyle. Did you know that just by purchasing workout equipment there is no guarantee you will shape up? I learned this after the bun and thigh rocker, the aerobic slide, lateral thigh trainer and now the Powerbase investments.
So wish me luck with publishing and with working out. I don't want to be blobbish at my book signings!


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