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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Story ideas

Since I am a Home Health therapist, I run across funny stories via the patients every day. My next novel is about long term care and the residents that live in a nursing home. If you don't think that those people don't have lives, think again! Sex, drugs, racism, sarcasm and social gossiping fill every nursing home hallway.
On a side note, my BEST FRIEND read my blog and commented about it - THANK YOU BRENDINGO! If there were ever two different but compatible souls for roommates it would be us. The memories of cooking chicken spaghetti and non-chicken spaghetti for my vegetarian roomie, staying up late to watch taped Twin Peaks, partying at Joe's.............the list in endless. I hope my daughter will have those experiences and many more with her own "Brendingo."
As for writing, the revision for A MONTH FULL OF SUNDAYS, well, it's still in the works. Between my husband's English instructor and the ever-so-talented BRENDINGO, I hope to have the final polished version ready for 'auction' and sell to the highest publishing house.........if you can hear me Random House, Penguin, Algonquin, etc, I AM READY!


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