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Saturday, September 11, 2004

After 9/11

It's hard to believe three years ago I watched in horror with my co-workers the second plane hit the Tower. Life changed that day but now I wonder, what has it changed to now? Sure, we all say we are concerned about terrorism, but what has changed? Our family is considering a trip to Florida next year when three years ago I said I wouldn't fly again ever. I know, life goes on, but what happened did more than kill over 3,000 innocent Americans - it shattered the security blanket we have all taken for granted. My children will never know a world without bombings, terrorist alerts, or hatred for Islamic militants. And make no mistake about it, hatred is the tamest word I can use for what it is I feel for these animals. They have stolen something we didn't realize was in danger and for that, they should feel the wrath from all Americans. This country was founded on freedom and liberty at any cost with the blood of patriots. Now, our blood spills on foreign soil for our freedom and liberty by patriots knowing that if the fight isn't won there, we will have more tragedies and catastrophies on our own soil that will dwarf the horror of 9/11.
God bless our soldiers and our leaders. No matter what you may think of our President, don't take it out on our military. They are our gladiators fighting the lions of Islam that need killing.


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