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Sunday, September 19, 2004


I believe that your children's behavior is directly proportional to the amount of 'fun' time you allow them. On a regular day, homework dominates so there is no pay off for acting up BUT take a weekend day, one where you plan a fun activity, entertain one of their friends, buy popcorn at the movies... and what do they do? Instead of being grateful, they turn into the biggest brats not once but twice. Their reasoning escapes me; it's like getting a raise on Monday and Tuesday you start embezzling funds. What's up with that logic?
I don't like to spank but I will when it is the only method of containment/redirection. I also will throw favorite toys away or take away privileges away. Maybe they are reading from a different playbook, but I cannot figure out the most effective defense against bad behavior. Like football, I have a strategy with 'players' set in motion for the smaller offenses. But somehow they are able to outmanuveur and head straight for the 'touchdown'. Tonight, it's not going to sleep, spraying Windex all over the bathroom, jumping up and down on the bunkbed - and that's all within three minutes.
Maybe that's it - timing is the method to their madness. Maybe they have secret meetings, age specific of course, and they discuss how to completely irritate parents within a specified timeframe. Now it's all making sense to me. If I can disrupt them, throw them off their path, then all will run smoothly in our home and possibly the world. Yea, right.


  • Kids are no different than adults. We all tend to show off and push the barriers when friends are around.

    "Look what I can get away with!"

    Unfortunately, they learn it from us! The sad part is, we very rarely can see our own reflections or the examples we set. Of course, I'm not pointing a finger at you directly - but at society as a whole. Society shows off for friends in attempts to gain acceptance.

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 12:58 PM  

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