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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Girls Night Out

For three whole hours, there were no children, no husbands, no patients: just five good friends sitting around a table at Chili's laughing at our crazy lives and jobs. One friend is pregnant with her first child while another has grown children and grandchildren. Two others have small children like me. Another is getting married later this month. Quite an eclectic group.
It was work that threw us all together. Between patient care and paperwork, you get to know your co-workers. Every job is like that, I know. But out of the many places I have worked, these people were and still are like family. Even after leaving, they are still a large part of my life.
When women get together, we talk about work, kids, husbands, other people's husbands/wives, etc. When men get together, what do they talk about? My husband says they don't gossip but I have a hard time believing that. You can only discuss batting averages or Tiger Woods for so long. Sometime during the night they must talk about their wives, kids, jobs, etc.
Why is it so hard for men to admit they gossip? or criticize? Hormones aside, we are all the same. We want to know what is going on, with whom it is going on with, and occasionally, HOW it is going.
Look at it this way, Adam was just as curious about the apple. He just didn't talk about it as much as Eve.


  • Getting together with the girls is an abreaction. Do men gossip? I think they do "talk" about things...maybe not about the same subjects, but they have curiousities, too.

    I think having girl friends constitutes having treasures. You can let down your hair, talk about whatever strikes the proverbial fancy, and solve some of this world's problems. Even when the going seems rough, a few good laughs make some of the bumps a little smoother.

    And, sure Adam was curious about that apple. He just figured out a way to send the little woman!!

    Co-workers end up being our best friends. We are together almost longer than we are with our immediate family members. We share some of the joys of life as well as some of the "pit" times. Those are the moments that might keep us off the doc's couch.

    So, cheers to those wonderful hours spent at Chili's discussing the way it is.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:24 PM  

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