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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Golf Widow

For the next few days, I will be husbandless all thanks to the sport of Golf. There were times in my marriage I considered golf as the other woman, always luring my husband away from me, the kids, and our life. Now I have a different outlook.
When I type my blog, check my emails, surf google, my husband is an internet widower. Yes, my body is present, but my mind is millions of miles away which is the same thing. I can't begrudge him his own time. There might be a time where I learn to play, although being left handed might be a handicap. The kids can play with him as they grow older but I will be happy if I can have my wireless laptop in the golf cart.
But for the time being, after 8:30 tonight, I will have three hours of freedom to surf the Net, lounge in the tub, or finish my edit on A MONTH FULL OF SUNDAYS. What do you bet I will do all three?


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