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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Hanging out on Saturday night

With the demolition derby entertaining the kids and hubby, I have the entire Saturday night to myself. For most people, that is not a big deal - just another weekend night. For mothers, we cherish each and every 'time out' as if it were the last one. It's more about refreshing the mind, regrouping the soul, and EATING AT A REAL RESTAURANT WITH NO CLOWNS!
Tonight I've chosen a local coffee house that also serves salads and has a band. Since the owners are charesmatic Christians, I will be listening to Jesus rock and roll. Nothing wrong with that, but I do like a little White Snake or Van Halen thrown in the mix.

My agent wants more zing in A MONTH FULL OF SUNDAYS. What is 'zing', you ask? Hell if I know. I'm assuming it's that little extra that pushes a pretty girl into supermodel status, or the invisible attraction you feel to someone without putting your finger on it. I really don't want to 'sex' it up, as the main character, Evie, has a sordid past she is trying to outgrow. Domestic violence, racism, homosexuality...it's all in the story. So what's left to add? A new scene, maybe a flashback to her last sexual encounter could work, but knowing my mother, she will cringe at the thought of me writing the word "nipple" or "orgasm".

Of course, I am writing this blog in this ultra religious environment so what does that say for me right now?


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