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Friday, September 03, 2004

Remember Labor Day when we were kids?

Maybe it's just me, but when I was growing up, Labor Day was awesome. No one went to work so your parents were home, grilling and watching the games on TV. There were at least 100 fireflies dancing in the front yard after dark and you got to sleep late.
Fast forward to 2004 and here's what Labor Day has become:
Sales at JCPenneys so you dare not sleep late (like that isn't an every day occurence).
Parents working while kids are at daycare.
Gas grills instead of charcoal for the environment, our health, blah blah (who misses that taste like I do? Admit it, that was one of the tastes of summer).
Crowded restaurants and movie theatres (didn't go when I was a kid so maybe that hasn't changed).
Two days of Political debates on TV instead of one, especially this year with the election.
No firecrackers - tell me I wasn't the only kid who popped some Black Cats or singed my fingers with sparklers left over from July 4th.
Kids riding their bikes all over their neighborhood because you knew and trusted your neighbors (this really bothers me since my kids will never know that carefree feeling of just taking off down the street without me fearing the molester or drunk driver is out to get them.)
We don't have fireflies at night in our yard. The gas grill does just fine for our meals and I don't buy any firecrackers for my kids because of my constant paranoia of them blowing their hands off. And I don't mind going to the movies on a holiday, even if it is rated G or PG.
I guess it's me then. I'm the one that's changed, not Labor Day. Except for the fireflies. That's not my doing.


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