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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Stepford Kids, really

Maybe the moon is full, or the mosquito fog has been sprayed around our house, but tonight the kids actually OBEYED. 'Yes Ma'am, no Ma'am' with each answer, carrying the plates to the sink after dinner without being asked, and here's the biggie: NO ARGUMENTS WITH GOING TO BED. I guess threatening them with no light, air, food, and bike riding works. Okay, we let them have air and light, but they don't get to pick their dinner.
This morning I mentioned to my husband that Britney Spears was getting married. My daughter pops "Again?" How in the world did she know it was her 2nd marriage? When I was a kid, if the stars were married wasn't even a thought in my mind. All I wanted was to be on Battleship Galactica as a human child trapped on an alien planet. And my daughter knows who Jessica Simpson is, her husband, everything.
I miss my childhood for her.
I miss my childhood.


  • You know you're "old" when you see something and point it out to your child, "Look, that think looks just like a record!" And the child replies, "What's a record?"

    Kids know everything about the stars these days - and scary, the aspire to be just like them! My niece adores Jessica Simpson and wants to be just as much of a "dumb blonde" when she grows up. Scary!

    They sing the lyrics to all the popular songs (even the foul ones, not realizing the error of their ways), they want to dress just as scantily and be just as irresponsible with their money matters. I'm wishing there were some more positive influences for our children to latch onto as role models. But we live in a bubble gum world, unfortunately.

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 12:53 PM  

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