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Friday, September 03, 2004

Tears for Russia

I pray for the Russian parents today. A fear that we all bury deep in our minds became a cruel reality three days ago. When I saw the photograph of a father carrying his blood stained child from the school, I wept. There is so much we take for granted in this United States. Not that we haven't had our share of school violence, but I cannot think of a hostage situation anywhere near like what the Russians have endured this week in our country. God bless those families that sigh with relief their children are home, and God comfort those families that have an empty seat at the dinner table, an empty bed at night, and hearts full of sorrow.
Please pray for these individuals, families, and for their country to do what ours has done: Stand up to the terrorists and squash them until they can no longer control with fear.
As I picked my children up today, I felt different about our country. We are so blessed, so fortunate that our military is fighting a war away from our children, away from our homes. If you get a chance to pray for the Russians, please do. If you get a chance to pray for our soldiers, please do. Prayers and faith can carry our country through this darkness to the light of freedom and security for generations to come.


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