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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

School Pictures and a dog in heat

Am I the only mother in the world that wants a decent school picture?
My daughter makes me feel like I am asking the impossible, wear matching clothing that enhances her brown eyes and olive complexion. WHAT? ARE YOU CRAZY, MOMMA? She told her father that the shirt I bought for just this occasion was 'embaressing'. When I was her age, I didn't own a single name brand article of clothing, and she just wrinkled her nose up at a Gap stretch shirt? Uh uh, I don't think so. After explaining how children are running naked somewhere in the world, that money isn't picked from trees, and, my personal favorite, I will trade all of her clothes in for used potato sacks, she relented. But she snuck a sequined tank top under the shirt to look 'cool' after the pictures are done.
Our mastiff is in heat. Why am I writing about that, you ask? Well, I can no longer entertain you with stories of obedience school disasters as they will not let her in. Seems a Mastiff in heat is worse than a Bud Light girl at a gun show. Just watching her mope around makes me feel sorry for her because we could have avoided this for her by getting her fixed. I want puppies, the kids want puppies, and my husband...well, he doesn't want "puppies" from me so maybe he will compromise and let us have one litter. They can have up to 13 puppies in one litter, he informed me. Better her than me, I told him. He grumbled and went to hit golf balls.


  • Boy oh boy! In our home, we have four dogs and five cats - only one of whom is fixed! Three out of four dogs are male, so we're getting little Honey, the miniature Dachshund (sp?) fixed this week. But the dogs aren't the problem - the problem is the cats! They go into heat two at a time - letting out the most disgruntled mauling sounds you've ever heard! I've got a business trip to take Thanksgiving weekend, but as soon as I get back, the whole lot is going to the vet in one trip! *LOL*

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 12:09 PM  

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