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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Seven year old Drama

If only my life were that easy, I thought while my daughter repeated her latest crisis in 2nd grade. Apparently there is an ongoing battle between her and another girl in class for control. Control of what, I asked, wondering what could be so important in 2nd grade. She gave me that look of 'you have no idea' while trying to explain the hiearchy of the playground.
"It's like this, she wants me to play with just her and I said no. I can play with whoever I want and you aren't my boss."
So far, I am agreeing with her, watching her in the rear view mirror. Her head begins to bob with the next part.
"Then, she gets all upset and tells the teacher I won't play with her so the teacher tells me I have to play with her. That's not right! I wanted to play 'doggie' with someone else and now I have to play with just her."
I try inserting my opinion but met with her exasperation in one sentence:
"You just don't understand, Momma."
I don't understand?
It's hard to remember how the playground and classroom were the crux of my existence so long ago. Now my concerns are with my children's well-being, our financial health, patient care, getting published, fostering a healthy marriage, and trying to get back in shape.
She's worried about playing 'doggie' with someone else.
In ten years, I will wish this was the extent of her life.


  • I side with the kid! *grins*

    My guess is that as a mother, you would offer alternatives, such as, "Why can't you all play together?" Or, "Can't you play with this child for the first half of recess, and that child for the other half?"

    Sure, there are alternatives, but that's not the point! The point is that some grown up tried to strip her of her rights to choose and to be free. In my opinion, the teacher was out of line and had no respect for individuality and personal choice.

    I don't know what you said that made her think you didn't understand - I wasn't there (although I could see the head bobbing and loved it!)

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 12:17 PM  

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