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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Writer Conference Success

Well, folks, I survived and possibly flourished. There were fabulous writers, agents, and editors that inspired me to pursue this dream I have. My agent was all that I imagined: intelligent, professional, and witty. The other agents were gracious with their time and advice about the publishing industry as a whole, Ann Hawkins and Rachel Vater. Stacey Barney, an editor for Harper-Collins, listened with interest about A MONTH FULL OF SUNDAYS and also my other novel ROCKS OF AGES. Lantz, my agent, will send her the synopses and three chapters so I am encouraged.
I also had the pleasure of meeting Dave Leiber, Tarrant County's best columnist. He gave me some wonderful advice and encouragement about starting a column for working mothers. A great guy and fantastic speaker, I highly recommend Dave for all clubs in that area to schedule him into a meeting.
The other writers were so open about their experiences, insecurities, and aspirations - it gave me a sense of hope that I haven't had on this rollercoaster.
I plan to attend another conference next year if it's possible. Maybe I can be on the other side, sitting with the 'published' people.


  • I'm planning a "tour" of conferences and appearances in 2005 for the same reasons - to engage with other writers who can remind me that I'm not alone in the sometimes cold world of warm writing. My dream is to go to New York! If I can pull it off, I'll go there in spring - somewhere around May or June.

    Thanksgiving weekend, I'm doing signings and a presentation at the Ancient Ways Festival in Rosemont, IL! It'll be a witchy group and I'm doing my presentation on the timeless magick of words. I've been going out of my mind with preparations!

    I've never been to a writers' workshop before, but I'm sure looking forward to the adventures of 2005 when I alter that fact in Wendi history!

    Congrats on the success and good luck with the book!

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 12:22 PM  

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