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Monday, November 15, 2004

Egads - another rewrite!

Just when I think I'm finished with A MONTH FULL OF SUNDAYS, my agent informs me that I need to make the main character, Evie, more likeable. Didn't I just do that, I wondered? But it looks like a few more days of thinking, drinking wine late at night, and typing away is in store for me.

Wendi Friend, a reader of this blog, has made some very insightful comments and added her own writing that everyone should read in regards to the elderly. I believe her comment is in the October 17th entry and her story is called 'Paid In Full." Thanks Wendi, for sharing and for reading this blog. I appreciate anyone taking time out of what seems to be a busier life than mine to read what crazy thoughts roll around in my head. Just when I felt discouraged about the idea of writing, her comments lifted me up and bolstered my spirits. Thanks, Wendi Friend, I really needed it.


  • You are too kind! Honestly! But thank you for the warm energy. I'm glad you were able to relate to my story, "Paid in Full". I remember those days so well and still mourn for those friends I came to love, then lost. Those experiences will remain a part of me forever, I'm sure.

    I'm curious about making your character nicer. Feel free to email me clips if you'd like. I'd love to measure her up. *grins*



    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 6:59 PM  

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