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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The first Brownie Troop Meeting

Since I was a Camp Fire girl, this whole brownie thing is foreign to me. Brown vests with iron-on patches? Please! We had red kerchiefs, a white plastic ring holder and BLUE vests, so there!
It didn't dawn on me what a milestone this was until my daughter put on the vest and told her brother: "Now I'm a big girl." So, I ducked into the house for a moment of maternal/PMS tears before we headed to the official meeting.

Is it just me or is it true that your child always the best behaved when in a group? Being totally objective, I can honestly say that my daughter acted appropriately, decorated her sit-upon with dazzling flair, and recited the Girl Scout promise with unwavering conviction. Yea, she gets that from her mom. At that moment, I can see her vest packed with every badge imaginable, scaling mountains that even Eagle Scouts are scared to climb, and meeting the President of the United States as she becomes the first....wait a minute, I think they just appointed me as Secretary of the troop. Back to reality.

So, when you see girl scouts selling cookies, think of me. And buy from me PLEASE.


  • Oh, reserve me a box of the mints! In fact, when it does come time, send me a menu and I'll order up -- do they do shipping? *LOL* - if not, I'll just have to book my next event in Texas and buy them in person. *giggles*

    I remember my days as a brownie/girlscout. My mom was the troop leader for a while, but wasn't all that involved that I can remember. She tells me she was there, but all I remember is getting my head snapped off when I had to wake her up on Tuesday mornings to get my fifty cent dues from her for the afternoon meeting! I also remember being so excited on my day outside the grocery stores automatic doors. I got up extremely early that morning to do my hair and look as sharp as I could, then rehearse my line, "Would you like to buy some girlscout cookies?" No, no, no, that's not right. "Get your girlscout cookies here." Nah, that'll never do! "Girl scout cookies?" Nope, sounds like pathetic begging. Here we go, "Support the scouts and your taste buds!" *giggles* - Six hours worth of practicing, and I didn't even get the glory of selling the most boxes! This supports my theory that its not what you know, but WHO you know - may the girl with the most supportive family win! If Grandma, Auntie, and Cousin' Nel buy 15 boxes each, and then take a few boxes to work with them, it's a shoe in.

    Sadly, I no longer remember the girl scout oath. How's that go again? "On my honor, I will....."

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