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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Standing my ground for once, really

It's four o'clock. You've worked a full 6.5 hours, picked up the children, vacuumed the living room, and fixed dinner (for you Yankees, that's what you call supper). Is it too much to ask for everyone to eat what you have so lovingly prepared?

You see, I don't just live with one of the pickiest eaters - OH NO- I am doomed to live with the 4 year old Finickiest Eater Champion of this county. Maybe the entire state of Texas, but I will have to check the stats.

He sniffs the food. He licks the food. And then the wrinkling of the nose commences. It was cute when he was two but now it's just downright insulting. His list of approved foods are an Atkin's nightmare: macaroni and cheese, chips, spaghetti, raviolis, string cheese, hotdogs, pancakes, waffles, pizza, and sausage.

I have these images of him at the age of 35 learning what high cholesterol is...and blaming me. "But son, I tried to get you to eat right," as he has his first angioplasty.

What about my daughter, you ask? Well, as most first children will do, she tries to please me. "Look, I finished my roast and vegetables." Great, but I am still trying to avoid my son's future diabetes by shoving green beans down his throat. "Just eat two bites, PLEASE!" This boy that can wolf down three hotdogs, two drinkable yogurts, and five pieces of pizza in one setting, can't open his mouth for two peapods.

Tonight I threw the gauntlet down: you'll have no dinner. No quick macaroni, no microwaved meatballs, nothing.

"What are we having tomorrow night, Momma?" He pleads, with tears spilling down his cheeks. "I wanna eat dinner tomorrow night, really!"

We'll see.......


  • It might be too late, but early on with my two kids we instituted a rule about stuff they didn't like, mainly vegetables. They had to eat their age in what they didn't like. If they didn't like peas and they were 5, then they had to eat five peas. I used to serve them their portions so eating their age in what they didn't like was a deal. We also have another rule that if they don't eat all on their plate, then they get no dessert.

    About dinner versus supper: dinner, to me is a huge meal(two meats, potatoes of some sort, three vegetables, bread or rolls, a couple of desserts plus extra stuff, enough to fill up the table that seats six) while supper is a smaller meal (one meat, two vegetables or potatoes and one vegetable, plus one dessert). Also dinner can be served at lunch or supper time but supper is always the evening meal.

    By Blogger Trease - travel lore crafter, at 10:04 PM  

  • My eldest son told me a joke one day: What's the difference between green beans and boogers? Answer: Kids won't eat green beans! *LOL*

    Today, my middle son said he wished he could invent a fruit that once you ate it, everything else would taste like pure sugar. He assures me this is the most effective way to get children to eat vegetables. Feed them the fruit first, then green beans, peas, carrots, and all the other veggies would taste like candy!

    My niece lived on cottage cheese and crackers for years. I was amazed my sister let her get away with it! But Sis says doc says as long as she's eating, let her do what she wants - she'd out-grow her eating habits. NOT! I loved my niece (still do, still do) - but hated having her over to my house because nothing I fixed or had on hand was good enough. It never failed, I'd have to go to the store for cottage cheese and crackers!

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 5:48 PM  

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