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Friday, November 05, 2004

Why I don't have three children

I remember watching the Cosby show when I was a teenager. When Bill Cosby was asked why he had five children, his character responded: "Because I didn't want six."
Tonight our youngest is one his first sleep over with two other five year olds while our oldest is having her new best friend over for a sleepover. The older boy from down the street is also over, which puts us up one child. Now I know why God didn't bless me with twins or triplets. The girls are ga ga over this older boy, and he delights in entertaining them with acrobatic tricks and silly voices. In turn, they turn on their charms by flirting, giggling, and chasing him all over the house. When we took all of them to eat, I realized why three kids would be too much for me. I couldn't watch all three at the same time. The girls whispered at the boy, causing him undue discomfort. Their chatter on the way home filled the truck's cab to the point my husband merely looked at me and said,"And you wanted three."
I wanted three when mine were small, easier to care for, and unable to form concrete opinions. I wanted three when my son gazed at me while breastfeeding with such content I wanted the experience to last forever. I wanted three so my son could boss someone around like his sister does him.
But now I am satisfied with the two I have. My daughter, being just like me, drives me to pull clumps of hair out occasionally and my son, well, his flirtatious ways are like his Daddy's...which is why I married him but I don't want that charm used on 5 year old girls, know what I mean?
So I'll take my dynamic duo, love them beyond words, and no longer feel that uterine tug at the sight of a newborn.


  • My house in Tulsa was known as the Kool-Aid house. Every weekend, I'd bake cookies, banana bread, other goodies, and put on a huge pot of hot chocolate. My preference was that all the kids come to my place where I could watch them all, rather than have my own children take off to places where I'd have no idea what they were doing.

    Here in Kentucky, we don't really live in a neighborhood. We live on four acres where the closest neighbors are cows, wild turkeys, donkeys, deer, and coyotes! But I have a friend who has children who are exactly the same age as mine - and in perfect order. Her girl is the same age as my boy, and my boy is the same age as her girl. So every weekend possible, I have her kids over to hang out, watch movies, bake cookies (they like holding egg yolk - how gross is that?) and laugh.

    I've always enjoyed children. When I was younger, I thought for sure I'd have 14, at least! Fortunately, life stopped me at three! Now, when I crave more, I just invite my friends' kids over for a weekend party. *LOL*

    Isn't young love precious?

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 11:22 AM  

  • I always thought I wanted three kids. Along came divorce and that put that notion right out of my head. It's funny, though, ten years after the divorce, I "adopted" a twenty-year-old who I love just as much as my "homegrown" daughter and son. I think back to the time I wanted three kids and now I have them and don't have to have the stretch marks to get them!

    By Blogger Dorothy, at 8:48 PM  

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