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Monday, December 20, 2004

Do I have to eat the shoe strings too?

It's a gift, really. The ability to say incredibly stupid things without getting your butt kicked in public has its rewards.
Take, for instance, my second date with my now husband. We doubled with another couple for a night at the movies. As I sat waiting on my future husband to return with popcorn and my large Dr. Pepper (is there any other kind?), a rude elderly woman wearing some sort of mu-mu hassled me about the seats.

"My boyfriend needs the outside seat. He has bad knees," she hissed at me. My first thought was no wonder you still have a boyfriend at your age.

"Well, mine has legs longer than yours and mine put together," I thought but I scooted over just the same.

She ushered him to the seat and left us waiting for our dates. Since I have the rare disorder compelling me to talk to strangers in public places, we made small talk.

"I hear you have bad knees," I commented before the lights dimmed.

"Oh, they aren't really bad. I just had them replaced this year." He rapped his knuckles on his titanium joints. "Doctor says they'll last a good while."

And without thinking, I replied, "You can squeeze a good 10 or 15 years out of the newer replacements. They'll outlive you for sure."

He could have been offended but instead laughed and agreed. The couple I was with, physical therapists as well, sunk into their seats with embaressment and the giggles.

This is just one of many stories where I chew on my shoe or flipflop from a stray comment or remark. I rarely intend to hurt someone's feelings. Notice I said rarely since we all know someone that deserves a slam at the most appropriate moment. Just not an old man sitting next to you at an Arnold Shwarzeneggar movie, that's all.


  • i found your blog on accident pressing the next blog button but im glad i did .. u made my day

    By Blogger vi(x)cks, at 4:30 PM  

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