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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Hiding my dirty laundry

Tomorrow my folks will be here for their traditional New Year visit and I've been busier than a cat covering up @#$%. Did you know that vinegar is great for mopping tile? I was afraid the kitchen would smell like I dropped a jar of pickles, but it didn't. Mopping is my thing like getting a bikini wax - only done under drastic conditions. I don't mind vacuuming as much but I absolutely LOVE to steam clean. Sick, isn't it? Something about seeing the clean stripe of carpet against the filthy stains pleases me. I know, get some help Tish.
What I'm most proud of are the children's rooms formerly known as the third ring of Hell. You couldn't see the carpet in the boy's room, and it wasn't much better in the girl's room. She must of tried every article of clothing on in the span of 24 hours because her entire wardrobe sprinkled all of upstairs. Including her brother's room, do you hear me? Oh, and Spiderman was sprawled across two Barbies in such a way it even made me blush. Let's just say one of the plastic women was naked and not facing upward. Anyway, the boy decided that crayons don't belong in a box but are better off crammed between the baseboards and carpet along the wall. Did I mention the lovely artwork on the walls that was hidden by three posters thumbtacked without my consent? Yeah, you're feeling my pain now, aren't you?
So after 12 hours spread over two days, I can proudly say that the rooms are photo worthy. I might use my new digital camera for such a moment if I can figure out uploading.
The only room left to clean is mine. Yes, I'm married, but it's my room. He just sleeps in the bed with me. I figure he has the 1200 foot shop, he doesn't have claim to the bedroom.

On a totally different note, I am considering the Magic Bullet as a gift for my Grandmother...those damn informericals!!

Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks for reading and for laughing at me. With me. For me. I'd laugh at me if I were you.


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