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Sunday, December 26, 2004

How lucky can one man be?

If you live in Texas, the chances of being a Dallas Cowboy fan are just about the same as finding a quarter in your junk drawer in the kitchen: pretty darn good. Last night, after the crumpled wrapping paper was trashed and the toy boxes folded into the garbage can, the phone rang. When my husband hung up, he informed me of an offer of a lifetime that he turned down.

A free limo ride, free dinner and drinks, and FREE BOX SEATS FOR TODAY'S DALLAS COWBOY GAME!

What? You turned down what? Are you eat up with the dumbass?

"But I've already committed to a golf game with somebody." And while I respect the fact his word is his bond, I grabbed the phone and immediately redialed his best friend from college to rescend his refusal or invite myself along.

A LIMO RIDE? I would ride in a limo to hear the great panflute Zamfir if there was free food and drink. Thank God his friend hadn't reached the next candidate for a trip of a lifetime so my husband watched the Cowboys defeat the Redskins at Texas Stadium while eating prime rib and drinking champagne.

And to top it off, he's married to me. That kind of luck doesn't happen every day.


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