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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

It pays to listen to stubborn old men

Infidelity, bar fights, war stories, and the occasional 'pardon my french' after a stray cuss word all in one hour session with my new favorite patient. Despite his outward appearance, this tough old boot has lived more life than the rest of us will ever see or want to experience. Just his recollections of flipping over dead German soldiers rigged to explode are chilling considering what our Marines are facing today. Hearing how he handled his first wife's infidelity flaunted in front of him made me proud to know him and angry at women that think cheating can be rationalized. To top it off, he owns a hobbled squirrel-like dog that wanders around looking for the next corner to mark.
The only problem: he won't do what I say half the time. My usual manipulation isn't working on this Two War veteran so I guess I will have to pull out the big guns.
What? You want to know what the big guns are?
Sorry, there are some trade secrets that can't be revealed. Unless they don't work.


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