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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

It's all in the name

Since I was old enough to speak, I've defended my name. In third grade, it was "Tissue Paper". When I was in high school, the tacky people would ask what my name spelled backwards was and before I could answer, they would giggle and shout "A SHIT!" Anyone not dyslexic would see that my name is "AHSIT" backwards, but that didn't matter. The damage was done and I was left standing with a dirty word anagram for a name.

In college, the most unlikely thing happened to me. Another Tisha appeared, driving the same classic '66 Mustang. Not to be confused with her, I had to take drastic measures to ensure my unique identity so I changed the spelling to TYSHA. Seemed harmless enough until I met my husband. You can't use a different spelling on a marriage certificate if it's not legal. So out went TYSHA and back to reality I went.

Other people, mostly patients, like to add an 'R' to make it TRISH. I don't know what's so hard about the name Tisha or even Tish. I tell a little story about how Moses left the Eleven Commandment up on the mountain but if you read the original Bible scrolls, you can see it:


With God on my side, surely this will stop.


  • Oh, the memories that brings back! My maiden name was Barnhart, and all through school,I was Shannon Barnfart. I still don't understand the connection. People also always want to call me Sharon. Like Shannon is such a novel and impossible name. I had three other Shannons in my class for goodness sake!

    Sending you and yours a Blessed and Happy Christmas! (and a little snow as we have plenty to spare!)

    By Blogger impromptu-mom, at 9:53 PM  

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