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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Move over Martha...

Give me a bottle of glue and some glitter, and I can make you a sparkling blob. Give my friend, let's call her Anastasia because I like that name, and she can create Christmas ornaments that only Neiman Marcus could rival.

I am so jealous of her artsy-craftsy ability. She can take ordinary paint, popcicle sticks, and twine and Voila, there's a centerpiece for your kitchen table, no kidding. Recently, she became interested in stamping and handmaking cards so for her bridal shower thank you cards, each came with either an embossed stamp or personally tied bows accented with perfect cut-outs. Geez, I'm lucky to get a stamp on an envelope correctly so it won't fall off.

And her talents don't stop with cards. By using her industrial craft table, she can sew, leathercraft, sequin, hot glue, sauder, sculpt, paint, emboss, decopage (spelling?), and stencil anything that will remain still.

Once I asked for her assistance in transforming the kids' bathroom into an aquatic showplace. I found some fish stamps, ocean border and marine colored paint. In five minutes, she handpainted a detailed blowfish, an eel, and some sort of mammal that Jaq Cousteau would be proud of and then there's me: my six attempts at stamping Nemo failed miserably. Instead of resembling the cute little fish, they looked more like pregnant shrimp.

Anastasia and I worked as a team for almost a year and a half and in that time I learned how to staple correctly (yes, even that I could screw up!), cut paper correctly (hey, I'm lefthanded, what can I say?) and sew fruit rollups into panties. That's another story. I miss my partner Anastasia. Maybe someday she will come by as I tackle my next doomed project.


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