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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Parenting a in PC world

I feel sorry for the politically correct crowd. Their children are living in a world where there aren't any boundries or consequences for bad choices. Warm fuzzies are nice when they are earned, but warm fuzzies to a bad kid for nothing isn't going to keep them safe in prison at 25 years old. Parenting is hard if you do it right.

I will spank my child in public if I am forced to do so by their behavior. No apologies, no excuses to onlookers, just a swat or two on the behind can do wonders while standing in line at the grocery store. Reasoning with a 4 year old makes as much sense as teaching my Mastiff Spanish.

I will raise my voice when they are in trouble. Cooing and coddling doesn't work, it makes the problem worse. Go ahead and give me dirty looks if you want but until you clothes, feed, nurture, and birth my child, keep it to yourself.

My child will say please and thank you. Manners shouldn't be a choice. Nothing screams bad parenting than an ill-mannered child. Unless the parent has worse manners, then it should be punishable by law.

I will point out bad children at every opportunity. Examples are everywhere nowadays. Children that smack their parents in the face at 5 years old become the teenagers that blow their parents away with shotguns. Little girls that whine for the entire store to hear turn into wives that are greedy, selfish, and usually dumped for another lite version. Little boys that take someone else's party favor bag usually grow up to serve 5-10 for grand larceny.

Prayers are mandatory for meals. Believing in God isn't a crime in this country, YET. Children that acknowledge their bounty is from the Lord's blessings will grow up to appreciate what is given to them.

Backtalk isn't tolerated. There's nothing cute about a 7 year old girl sassing her mother about what she wants or what she thinks. Leave the sarcasm for the sitcoms and movies, okay?

Punishment isn't negotiable. Groundings, spankings, timeouts, whatever your method of punishment is IT'S STILL A PARENT'S PEROGATIVE. Children shouldn't be allowed to choose the consequences of their actions like we cannot choose what size shoe we wear.

Praise excellence, not the average. What's wrong with expecting your child to excel? Do we really want a generation of mediocrity? When children get rave reviews for everything they do regardless of the quality of their work, it leaves little to motivate them for more. Praise their great work, push them when they fall short. Love isn't all warm fuzzies.

Today we are faced with the hypersexualism of our elementary children and the 'everything is okay' mentality with behavior in the school system.

Let's take back our rights as parents before it's too late.


  • I agree with your parenting. If more parents were like this, we wouldn't need metal detectors in schools.

    Wendi told me to check out your stuff. Now you have 2 "friends" in your world.

    By Blogger Don Friend, at 1:35 AM  

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