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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Since when did Spongebob use the word 'dick'?

On this rainy Sunday, what would any sane parent do with time on their hands? Exactly what you are thinking: spend over $40 for popcorn, contraband candy, sodas and four tickets to the SpongeBob Squarepants movie extravaganza.

I must say it is a cinematic triumph. For a moment, I thought I was an underwater cartoon character. The storyline had a moral message which I won't give away for those not lucky enough to SPEND $40 and sit through it yet.

Funny thing, on the drive home, my daughter asks out of the blue, "What does it mean when someone calls you a dick?"

I swallowed my illegally purchased Hot Tamale whole.

"Where did you hear that?" My husband grinned while he drove, leaving the investigating to me.

"On that Nikelodeon movie."
At that moment, I wanted SpongeBob between my clenched fists so I could strangle the animated life from him. How did I not hear it? Was I sleeping like my husband during my children's introduction into foul language? Letters to the head of SpongeBob's corporation were forming in my mind. I envisioned a TV interview with Katie Curic about saving our children from cartoon cussing...all of this in the span of three seconds UNTIL my lovely child adds, "You know, that hamburger movie."

Whew! For a moment there, I thought the yellow rectangle was going 'blue' on me. The movie she was referring to was "Good Burger" and it is geared for pre-teens.

My explanation for the word 'dick'? I simply told her that is was like calling someone a jerk but worse and definitely not to be used by her or her little brother anywhere at any time.

Next week, when the pre-school calls, I will use Spongebob as my scapegoat. He owes me at least that for 40 bucks, dontcha think???


  • I like this blog. This is a brilliant comment. Thank you! I'm here till Thursday. Try the rotorcuff stretches; they're to die for.

    Seriously, Tish's writing is crisp and humorous. Her slice of life is served up in an appealing mixture of wit and reality, with moments when can all appreciate because we can recognize them in our lives. Thank you bringing something good to the world of blogging.

    The next time one of children wants to know what "dick" means, I'm pointing them to Tish. What, that didn't come out right. ;-)

    By Blogger Phil, at 4:14 PM  

  • Have u ever the FUN song on Spongebob? It goes like this: Spongebob says "F is for friends that do stiff together, U is for U and me. N is fo anytime, anything anywhere (something like that)" THen Plankton says F is for fire that burns down the city U is for uranium (pause) bomb N is for no survivors
    Makes u think again about Spongebob now doesn't it. And it really was on the show.

    By Blogger Brittany, at 4:31 PM  

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