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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Smells Mothers love

Fresh Infant Poo: Unlike its older counterpart, the fragrance of baby poo lights up the house like no other aroma. This first diaper full of life is cherished for only a moment…and then the second, third, and so on is delivered, but never remembered with such fondness as the inaugural poo.

Towel Dried Hair: Nothing says heaven than the clean hair of a baby. The innocence, the purity of an angel’s head. Nowhere in life will another smell ever rock your limbic system like this one. And no two are alike, even in the same family. It’s not Baby Magic or Johnson & Johnson, either. Breath of angels are more like it.

First Diapers from the pack: Breaking open the diapers from their plastic cage releases a combination of baby powder, dependence, and cotton into the air. Whether they line a travel bag or sit in the darkened closet, each diaper reminds us we are still needed. For now.

Laughing breath: Kids brush their teeth with the same care as they do fingerpainting. But when they are tickled, the breathless laughter that fills the air carries into a mother’s soul. Cheetos, applesauce, chocolate milk, and string cheese all rolled into one carefree giggle – it’s better than roses on a first date.

Sweaty sleep: The back of the neck beads first, then the top of their lip. Smiles and twitches pass across their face as their dreams take hold. And you breathe in those dreams and kiss the sweaty child in your arms.

Puppy love: Their best friend follows them around from dawn to dusk, licking and pawing for attention. No matter how much they wash their hands, you cannot help but inhale the unconditional love of a dog on your child. Wet blankets of sincerity envelop your baby as they share their sandwich with the only other creature on this earth that would die for them.


  • Oh, I love the laughing breath comment - I love them all, but that one really nailed me. I think you should convert this into a "Congratulations on your new baby" greeting card! And who else but you would have coined the phrase "inaugural poo"? Gotta love it!!!

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 1:13 AM  

  • P.S. - You already knew I'd dig the inaugural poo, didn't ya? *giggles*

    By Blogger Wendi Friend, at 1:13 AM  

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