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Friday, December 24, 2004

Trying to link to the world

If you look at the sidebar of this blog, you will notice new links. In an effort to increase traffic, I have joined just about every Blog link club/group. By doing this, I may have opened a Pandora's box.
What if the crazy girl I went to elementary school with finds me and demands the $3.60 I swindled from her for ensuring her good luck? Don't ask what I was thinking, but just the fact that she paid me should tell you I'm pretty convincing.
What if the man at a bar in Oregon finds out I'm not the heiress to the Trojan condom dynasty? Or that weird guy in El Paso learns that I'm not the good twin of identical twins, one naughty and the other nice?
Geez, what have I done? Do you realize my undercover alias will be blown and Paris Hilton will have to admit she is really the daughter of a tractor trailer driver?
Can you imagine Reba McEntire's shame of admitting she lip-synched all of her songs and that it's been my voice all along? The entire country western world will be on its knees.
And let's not even talk about John Kerry. Once he finds out that is was me who told Theresa to speak publicly, it's all over with but the crying.

I guess now would be a good time to take back my birth name and move back to the country that will welcome me with open arms but Australia isn't taking any more Elle McPhereson's at the moment so I will wait until the time is right.

Merry Christmas to all of you and yours.
Thanks for reading, laughing, and not yawning.


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