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Monday, December 27, 2004

What Clairol Doesn't Tell you....

I've been brunette all of my life. At my last appointment, I told the guru of hair that I needed some BAM, some pizzaz since I was meeting my literary agent in person for the first time. He convinced me to add some color - he might have said highlights but I was engrossed in the latest People magazine that I never get to read, who knows what he said.

My daughter was the first to notice it. "Momma, you've got yellow hair!?'

YELLOW HAIR? Water sloshed out of the rinsing sink as I ran to the first mirror.

"What have you done?" The woman staring back at me had shorter hair, which was fine. But there was this streak of blonde hair, khaki if you ask my mother-in-law, in the center of my head. Not just a few strands, either. We are talking Helpful Hints From Helouise streak.

You have to understand this about me. I have preached the need to stay 'true to your roots' during girls' night out since college. My roommate, a natural blonde, liked highlights and streaks, but I was more conservative. When she would buy the at home streaking kit, I stuck with the box that matched my color. One time I threw caution to the wind and went a little darker, the key word was 'little' or so I thought. I've always loved the coal black hair of Spanish and Asian women. For three months I looked like a Russian immigrant that was sunlight deprived or worse, a vampire with a bad dye job. But never in my life would I consider a lighter color. That just wouldn't happen...oh, would you salt that plate of fried crow for me? Thanks.

Three months later, and this blonde streak has two inches of roots showing. There are still moments when the reflection in the mirror is a stranger. My daughter hates it, my son doesn't really care, and my husband, well, what's he gonna say?

I feel like such a hypocrite now. My appointment is way overdue and all I can think about is widening the streak.

Vegans with beef jerky, Strippers for Christ, and now, Tish with blonde hair.


  • Well, I'm the kind of person who, if I was in your boat, would get my hair cut to two inches short all over the place. Wait a minute, WAS someone who would do that. If I did that now, my gray would show and I might have to break my vow to never colour my hair because I cannot have as much gray showing as my mother (I do have my vanity point, here.) Sadly, I'm graying sooner than she, but still not bad for a woman my age. It's so easy to say never when we're in our twenties, gray and wrinkle free.

    By Blogger Karin Kydland, at 12:13 PM  

  • And I've always wondered how long it took some women to dye their roots. Now I understand. ;-)

    By Blogger Life's Little Observer, at 9:25 PM  

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