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Monday, January 10, 2005

Alex Trebeck has a problem...

Four took the challenge. Two tied with the correct answers to the Double Jeopardy of Tish.

$200 Answer: 10 years.
$200 Question: How many years has Tish been married? Crystal, Wendi, Phil

$400 Answer: Three.
$400 Question: How many dogs does Tish have? (should have read past blogs, people)

$600 Answer: rude women, smug men, and undisciplined children.
$600 Question: What pisses Tish off in a nanosecond? Karen, Crystal, Chenoah, Wendi, Phil

$800 Answer: Oklahoma State University.
$800 Question: What is Tish's alma mater and the best college in the whole USA? Phil, Chenoah, Crystal

Daily Double Answer: Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, Hawaiian Herbals, and Southern Humorists.
Daily Double Question: What are three sites Google finds Tish?

Grand Prize Winners: PHIL AND CRYSTAL
Second Prize Winners: WENDI AND CHENOAH
Third Place Winner: KAREN

Phil and Crystal win the enviable place in blog history - an entry here devoted to them and a lifetime subscription to this blog.

Wendi and Chenoah win a cyber-case of SPAM, the other psuedo meat and a lifetime subscription to this blog.
Karen wins one share of Tish stock, available for trade on the NYSE when pigs fly and a lifetime subscription to this blog.

All contestants are responsible for paying all taxes, surcharges, bribes, incentives, and any other charges. Void where prohibited. Copyrighted 2005.


  • Wow Tish, I'm so honored!! I'd like to thank my elementary teachers, and my mom, for helping me learn to read! My husband, for being a blog-widower, and last but not least, Tish, for entertaining us. :)

    By Blogger seeingdouble, at 9:48 PM  

  • I was promised a lifelong subscription to naked pictures of Phyllis Diller in compromising positions with Chihuahuas. I want my award dammit!

    Uh, hold on, I think I got this contest confused with another one I entered.

    By Blogger Phil, at 9:56 AM  

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