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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Am I the only person that doesn't give a crap?

While waiting to check my email, I was inundated with the tragic news of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's marital dissolution. Like the stages of grief, I went through four distinct phases of emotion as the entirety of this tragedy swallowed me.

Shock: Why would it matter to the world that two more perfect blonde people are divorcing? If you check the stats for divorce, especially the ones that are forced down our throats that marriage is a dying instituion, what these people are doing is being done everyday in every corner of the world. So she has great hair and he has blue eyes, SO WHAT? I've had great hair in the past (pre children when money was no object), many friends of mine have striking eye color, so why does it matter that Jen and Brad have split? Probably for the same reason the world's media spoon fed us every breath the other Jen couple, J-Lo and Affleck, took together and apart. With thousands dead from the Tsunami, the mudslide in California, and Andrea Yates getting a new trial, I think there are better stories to chase.

Hardened: Poor Jen, she has the near anorexic perfect body, skads of money, and the life all can only dream of, but she's parting ways with a man some consider the sexiest man alive? I'm hurting for her....not for her loss so much as the fact that her life has to be shoved into our lives so we can have reporters' speculation, photographers' glimpses of the shattered egos, and the relentless media hounds that won't let her suffer in silence. That's what the rest of us do, suffer without the nation's ever watchful eye. And poor Brad, what will he do now with the freedom? One can only imagine the offers of consolation he has received....one man's misery is another man's paradise, I guess.

Insensitivity: Maybe I should be more sympathetic to them, I mean, aren't we all the same? We all put our clothes on the same...wait, she's got better clothes; we all eat the same way...wait, he has a personal chef; okay, we all breathe the same air...they probably have oxygen imported from Switzerland...well, now I can't be sensitive to their predicament. It's hard to feel for a couple when they are paid to make out with other beautiful people. That in itself would present a normal couple with constant problems so why is Hollywood's elite immune to normal jealousy? I can tell you from this side, if my husband were in a film with Angelina Jolie with a nude scene, Tish would be demanding a stunt double.
Tired: When the Bennifer affair went south, we had to endure the months of monday morning quarterbacking of why it went wrong, when, how they were taking it, where they would go from here...and I would hope that we as Americans learned from that debacle. Any relationship that ends for any reason is sad, no one more important that the other. While I wouldn't want my marital discontent on display, I'm tired of publicists, agents, reporters, anchormen/women, and talk show hosts thinking that I must know Jen and Brad's latest statement.

Now that I've gone through all of the SHIT phases, I feel better about the whole thing. Some might say that I've wasted a whole blog entry on a subject I'm ridiculing, but now I've said my peace...and would like to issue my own statement for the media:

If Viggo Mortensen ever needs a sympathetic ear, leg, or other body part, I am here for him at any time.*

* Just kidding, I am happily married.


  • And to think, so many people feel it's gay marriage that is threatening the constitution of marriage! Not the Hollywood dramas like this, Nicky Hilton's wedding, Britney's TWO weddings, etc.

    By Blogger seeingdouble, at 6:31 PM  

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