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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Be careful what you wish for....

In the ocean of the internet, I am a little fish. Maybe a starfish, possibly a clown fish, but in the grand scheme of things, little. To overcome my 'little fish' syndrome, I've added links, buttons, and now BlogHop. With BlogHop, you get immediate feedback about your blog in the form of ratings - different colors signify love, like, okay, hate, and the dreaded 'you suck.' So far, there are six people that have voted they hate my blog and that it sucks. Hmmm.
What if we had this rating system, say, at the grocery store? The days you rush in to grab a quick dinner but are wearing something that doesn't match, a large YOU SUCK light flashes at your entrance. The woman sporting a decent pair of jeans and sweatshirt earns the "OKAY" light at the front door. The man with his hunting gear and flip flops, definitely YOU SUCK. Now the Junior League member with her pressed pants and crisp linen shirt, her light shines "LOVE YOUR LOOK, BABY."
Alas, I will never be a Junior League dresser nor the blogger that earns all LOVE IT ratings. When you visit my world, you will find personal stories about my family, the struggles of childrearing, my pursuit to become a published author, and an occasional rant on whatever distracts me that day.
Advice, grumblings, even semi-interesting babblings, yes - but sickening sweet posts with happy endings and tight, journalistic prose, it's not going to happen.
So go ahead and give me the YOU SUCK rating. I can take it. Remember, I have thick skin and an unlimited supply of Milk Duds on my side.
Thank you.


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