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Monday, January 03, 2005

God Has Pity on the Ignorant

PART II of why Tish is a dumbass...
We last left our heroine/idiot standing at the counter of her local computer shop gazing at her crashed computer. The technician needed a drink from her incessant chattering about how her book was on that computer, all of her files, the Christmas card, etc. He began to tune her out.
At 4:15, Tish picked up her computer with the news of TOTAL LOSS ringing in her ears. The tech, known to the public as GG (explained later) informed her that while she now had the correct operating system, all files were gone. Sorry for you.
Tish trudged back to her empty home. The children had fled to their grandmother's for fear of a meltdown to rival last year's discovery of Parmesan cheese on the floor similar to a carpet fresh covering by the two rugrats.
As she began the tedious re-installation of her favorite programs, she found herself playing with the new XP and entered into the search mode.

What the heck, she thought as she drank another glass of water. Dieting is such a pain.
THANK YOU GOD! THANK YOU FRIENDS! THANK YOU GG (now forever known as Great Guy).

So the moral of the story which has been advised by many: Back up every file no matter what.
But for now, Tish can breathe easy...oh, wait, she has to re-install the configurations for her wireless router and card...didn't that take a week the first time???

Join us tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, when we'll hear Tish say: ARGHHH!

Thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow......


  • Not sure how to email you back. But thanks for the good thoughts. Anyways, she hates it when I write to her. I write her long letters full of everything I am feeling. I also email her the same stuff. She throws the letters away and deletes the emails. So, I have to try talking, which I don't do nearly as well as I write. We tried counselling a year ago, but all she did was cry, and I took all the blame. I have asked if we could start again, but doesn't appear that she wants to even try anymore. By the way, I read some of your posts and you write very well. It's a nice break to stop and read them. I am keeping my thoughts up as best I can today and trying to pray a lot.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:23 PM  

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