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Monday, January 03, 2005

IDIOT should be stamped on my forehead....

I should be nominated for Dumbass of the year or maybe Ignoramus of the Century. Maybe it will come with a big sash that I can wear around town with a matching tiara.

What did I do to earn such a dubious honor you ask?

Well, Tish thought that her laptop was messing up, which it was, so she headed off to a local computer place. The kind tech added a folder of Windows Patches for XP for installation at home. This is where Tish really should be named @#$% because instead of just letting it install somewhere safe, she decided the living room was the best choice so she could keep an eye on the children. In a moment of curiosity, Tish knelt at her laptop, watching the files and registry keys being updated when her child ran by, accidentally bumped into Tish who accidentally tugged the power cord which came free from the wall. Dead computer.

Oh well, Tish thinks, I will just turn it back on. Uh-oh, it's not coming on right.

Not once, not twice...... OH MY GOD IT'S NOT WORKING AT ALL!!!!!

This is all occurring January 31st, mind you. The tech went home at 3, promised to return Saturday at 9. At 1045, a different tech arrives at the store and encounters Tish foaming at the mouth with panic.
"Please fix my computer, I have my writing on it, my life, my soul." She is so dramatic, this fool named Tish.
Fast forward to Monday - the tech, the tech's boss and Tish stand around the outdated laptop waiting for a new XP CD to install.
50/50 chance on saving what's on there, the tech says.
Tears are now filling Tish's eyes.
Oh, it's lunch so I'll call you when I get back, he says on the way out the door.

At this moment, Tish sits at her work computer, praying to God and Bill Gates (the underlord of computers) that the files are safe. That she can resume writing on her pitiful excuse of a laptop. That she isn't the world's biggest DUMBASS....



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