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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ode to High Water Pants

Last night I read on another more insightful blog about the misfortune of high water pants. Normally, I agree with the basic fashion rules: no corduroy in the summer, don't wear white after Labor Day, and black doesn't really go with everything. But high water pants - that's where I draw the line.

I love high water pants. There, I said it. Since I am above the average height for a woman, finding pants that are long enough has been a quest fulfilled only half of the time. Most of the designers in the free world are under the notion that all women are 5'6" or 5' 7". Inseams are considered long over 30", which hits me perfectly at or above the malleoli, the ankle bones for those not into medical terminology. I'm sure when Eve donned the first fig leaf, she had no problems with the high water effect.

Choices have expanded for tall women, I will admit. There are catalogs and longer lengths available to we taller women now that didn't exist ten years ago. Unlike our normally proportioned friends, we are forced to pay up to fifteen dollars more for an extra two inches of pants. And it's no picnic for the men, either. My husband is to some a giant and just a normal pair of Levi's for his size is eighty dollars. Eighty dollars! This is extortion of the highest order.

You could say my love for high water pants is a passionate protest. Not only am I striking a blow against the fashion establishment, but I am saving money at the same time. Yes, you can see my socks with each step, but I ask what is wrong with that? I wear nice socks. I've claimed that my ankles chafe with longer pants, and that is true. On the days where my pants fall below high water status, I'm itchy and uncomfortable. Could it be that my body has rejected the 33 inch inseam?

In the grand scheme of life, the length of someone's pants shouldn't be a huge consideration. Now if they are wearing flip flops and a sweater vest with their high water pants, I will have to take issue but until that day comes, I will proudly wear my high waters.


  • I can attest to it - you pull off high water pants better than anyone in the world. In fact, I never really thought of them as high waters, just Tish's pants and doesn't she look cute.

    By Blogger brendingo, at 10:44 AM  

  • Hi Tish!
    Thanx for stopping by The Scribblers Notebook and leaving a comment. I just read through a good amount of your blog. Loved it! You asked what part of Oklahoma i was from . I am from Tulsa,born and bred right here.
    It's nice to see another okie's blog. :)

    By Blogger Cat, at 4:19 PM  

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