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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Washable markers? I think not

Dear Crayola Company,
For the past 7 years, I have purchased your products out of brand loyalty. My mother supplied me with the small 8 count box for school supplies, the 16 count box for a treat. My children, however, have never known your smaller quantities as I spoil them with the 64 or 112 count boxes.

As a loyal customer, I have a complaint. When you invented the so called 'washable' marker, didn't you really mean 'bleedable' markers? Sure, for clothing it's easy to toss a shirt, pair of pants or underwear into the washing machine - but what is your solution for facial and body marking? Did your tester group not immediately take the ruby red marker and apply large, sweeping strokes to their faces and chests?

I'm surprised your company is allowed to market these products for children. Are you not aware that one marker has enough 'washable' ink to cover an entire staircase railing? Or two 7 year old girls? I didn't think so. How many of your employees are parents? Surely they have questioned your mislabeling of all markers. At least Sharpie says PERMANENT without pretense.

You should rename the markers as follows: Stainable, Bleedable, hair dye, furniture paint, and/or cosmetics.

In the future, take all of your possible product lines home with you. Give them to four, no, two children, preferably a boy and a girl. Ages can be from 3-9, your choice. Give the children two hours with your products in your home. Standard behavioral commands can be applied but you must not interfere with the child's choice of application. Wait 24 hours and then observe the results. If you find a girl with red and blue markings all of their body and a boy's artwork covering 3 out of the 4 walls in a room, WELCOME TO CRAYOLA HELL.

I request compensation in the form of $2,000 for painters, three bottles of witch hazel for body stripping, and a two hour massage for me.
Thank you for your prompt response.



  • Crayola clearly states the company will compensate you for damages caused by their products; call their consumer help line and give them the scoop and they will help you out. They understand that accidents happen and back their products up with excellent customer relations. Show them some photos.

    All Crayola washable markers wash from skin with a little soap and water. Make sure the markers you bought are indeed the "washable" variety. Some of Crayola's markers are NOT considered washable.

    Crayola's product testing is thorough. However, children can and will get into trouble and should be supervised at such young ages.

    All that being said, I was very sorry to hear your trouble, but still amused!!

    Take care and good luck. :)

    By Blogger Meechity, at 1:20 PM  

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