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Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Doo Ron Ron Ron Love of my Life

At eight years old, Shaun Cassidy was my first true love. His feathered hair glistened on our Magnavox color TV. Those baby blue eyes just sent my stomach into butterfly whirls as he and Parker Stevenson solved all those Hardy Boy mysteries. Oh Shaun, if you could just wait a little longer, I will be old enough to...
And then he betrayed me. He betrayed me with the first of I think three wives. Jennifer Pennington, I remember her name. She had a child, too. How dare he throw my love away like an old Teen Beat magazine. Here I was, the ONLY Shaun Cassidy fan in my class and he just shatters my dream of being Tish Cassidy. My friends offered up Andy Gibb as an alternative - no thank you. What about Leif Garrett, they asked -but my heart was broken and beyond repair from another teen idol.

Shaun, I will always hold dear the concert you played just for me at the Tarrant County Convention Center. You had Three Dog Night as your band, which is the sole reason my dad would take his third grade daughter to see you. Did you not hear me pledge my love? Sure, I was sitting next to three forty year old women screaming your name, but you looked right at ME. Well, in my general direction because sitting as high up as we were, we had the perfect view of your entrance in a paper moon. Dad laughed at you shaking your rear, but I was in complete awe. I can still see your white pants and striped shirt as if you were standing next to me. Oh, Shaun, I know there were panties of ALL sizes being thrown onto the stage, but did you not see my father restrain me from throwing my "Monday" underwear that I hid in my pocket?
Now that you aren't a singer or an actor, my affection for you has waned. Now I have a daughter of my own that chooses her crushes selectively and with care. Keith Urban and the two boys from Josh and Drake on Nic have captured her heart. I hope they are more sensitive to a young girl's heart than you were. We could have been beautiful, Shaun. Now you will never know.

On a side note, does ANYONE know how to post a pic to your blog as a draft? And multiple pics? Tish is seriously in need of some computer assistance. Thank you and have pleasant dreams.


  • Aaaah, I would've fought you tooth & nail for that darling Shaun! I had a poster of him on my wall that I would kiss (WITH lipgloss~~bonne bell Dr. Pepper flavor) every day after school. ;)

    By Blogger aka_monty, at 12:07 AM  

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