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Thursday, February 03, 2005

If pets resemble their owners, I'M IN BIG TROUBLE!!

Here she is in all her glory - my Sophie girl. At a year and a half, she weighs 140 pounds - my pre-wedding weight. Sad to be jealous of a dog, huh?

Check out the scar below her left nostril - I could lie and say she was courageously defending us from an intruder. That would be a good story but the truth is the small vagabond mutt we adopted on our last trip to the great state of Oklahoma scratched the crap out of this gentle giant.

You'd think she would be slow but just three days ago she chased down a squirrel and killed it. Squirrels are supposed to be quick, like cats, when it comes to evading predators, so I guess our Sophie is gifted for her breed. Unless it was a granddaddy squirrel on his last breath. That's what my Drama Diva lamented while watching Sophie chomp on the squirrel's remains. Ten minutes later, Drama Diva had her little brother convinced that Sophie had murdered the patriarch of the squirrel dynasty living in our shop. Oh, the horror.

They say that pure bred dogs are expensive but I didn't believe them UNTIL Sophie swallowed a corn cob WHOLE and had to be rushed to surgery...YES, to remove the corn cob stuck in her intestines. One more hour and she would have died.

Puts a whole new meaning on the phrase "you gotta corn cob up your ass?"

We plan on breeding Sophie this summer when she is of age. When I say we, I mean me, as hubby isn't keen on the idea of puppies. I made the mistake of reading an excerpt from an English Mastiff book that said they can have up to thirteen puppies in one litter. Stupid me.

We have two other dogs, the vagabond I mentioned earlier and Mattie, the german shepard/lab mix who is still the alpha dog for the moment anyway. At nine years old and 140 pounds, she is not only morbidly obese but lazy to boot. It's only a matter of time when Sophie comes to realize her strength and size and then there will be a new Queen in the backyard.

It's a good thing humans aren't that competitive....or are we? Aren't the icons of our entertainment only one or two years away from being shelved for the newer hottie? Aren't many of the divorces in America caused by the need to upgrade to a younger/better/thinner spouse? I guess we are like our pets. I just don't want to look like mine.


  • Brandon asked how I knew Sophie had swallowed the corn cob and the answer is no, I didn't watch her do it but when a voracious eater like Sophie won't even eat a hotdog, something's not right. Plus she was withdrawn, which is so out of character for our Social Butterfly. Three days at the vet's and she was brand new but with a scar similar to my C-section.

    By Blogger Tisha from Texas, at 10:43 PM  

  • well.... i'm sure you look gr8.. thanks for the 'cutie' comment on my blog.. however i see that you're married so i'll not be swapping numbers just yet .. ; )

    By Blogger kurgan, at 7:25 PM  

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