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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Is there crying in softball?

Today we made the plunge into fast pitch softball for the Drama Diva and life will never be the same.
Two hours of listening to the rules of softball for both the player AND the parent.
Three handouts full of 'behavior' suggestions for handling winning and losing.
Four items needed at WalMart for Saturday's practice.
Five tournaments scheduled between April 17 and May 30, and oh, parents will need to sign up for snack duty.

As excited as I am for her, I know I'm in trouble. The first bad call from the umpire will unleash in me anger that hasn't surfaced since that family reunion when some bratty kid kicked the Diva in the face. I leapt over two aunts just to pull the distant cousin child up by his hair. If I don't get expelled from the field within the first two games, it will be a miracle.

Diva now has four coaches for this sport - yes, I said FOUR. Since slow pitch is on the way out, my precious Diva will face a machine throwing at 35 miles an hour. I have some qualms about this but Hubby assures me she will be just fine. Her perfect bone structure better stay fine or her dream of replacing Hilary Duff will be shot.

It's not that I'm against sports for Drama Diva. I played softball but the pitches came much slower and the coaches were focused on their next case of beer, not winning the state tournament. It just seems more competitive now than it was back in the day. It seems we had two practices a week and one game on the weekends - these girls will practice MINIMUM three times a week until the games start and then up to THREE games a week.

Uh, does anyone remember a little thing called...SCHOOL???


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