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Monday, February 07, 2005

A reality show they won't produce: Birthday Party

Birthdays for children have gone beyond Pin the Tail On the Donkey or swinging a bat at a poorly made pinata. Now, there are themes, gift bags, entertainment, meals for both the party guests AND their parents. Now, it's more about the guests and less about the birthday boy/girl. I could lie and tell you that I've bucked the system with a simple cake and punch. But like Washington with the cherry tree, I cannot tell a lie.

Over the past seven years, we have had three swim parties, two horse riding parties, two GYM ON WHEELS parties (if your city doesn't have one, that's a money making baby right there), and this weekend, an indoor fun world party. In total, we've had over 150 guests and 200 parents attend the festivities. There are local bands that don't have this kind of following but the moment we announce "Birthday party", everyone comes for their slice of the pizza, their chunk of the cake. This year, we had tokens for the kids to play the games at the Fun world. You would think that 10 tokens per kid, nineteen kids total, would be enough. You would think that but there's always that one child that has to ask you not once, not twice,
Did I mention that even though it's my son's fifth birthday, I have to coddle a wayward two year old while her father USES THE TOKENS TO PLAY GAMES! I should have charged babysitting fees. Don't mind me, I'm just the woman that gave birth to him, sure I'll wipe the snot from your daughter's face while you play KickBoxer again.
Forgive me for ranting but birthdays are important to me. Every year that passes will live in our memories, pictures, and video. Yes, I make a big deal out of parties but one day, when my daughter and son think back, they will tell their children how great Gamma Tisha's birthday parties were for them. Then they will pat me down in case I have the Kleptomaniac tendency, but you get my drift.

This summer we will have yet another swim party and once again I will agree to watch a complete stranger's child while they drive off to shop, so be ready for that post.
Until then, I offer these tidbits of advice:

  • Order a smaller cake than you think you'll need.
  • Fill your pockets with film and tissue FOR YOUR USE ONLY.


  • My daughter's birthday is the day after my son's.

    We used to rent one of those big bounce house things and have it dropped in our back yard. One giant party, with all the kids bouncing like crazy in a giant inflated Mr Bouncety Bounce... .they're fun after the kids have gone to bed too...wheee

    The worst guests are ALWAYS the ones with parents I refer to as "Drop and Run"... as in, Bye honey, I'll be back at 4! :::burning tires as they floor the gas::::: I immediately know that there's a reason for Mommy to run away like that.

    I think Goodie Bags are evil. I hate trying to fill them, I hate it when my kids bring them home and drop the crap everywhere (after eating candy the whole time they were at the party) Grrrr!

    Last fall for my daughter's birthday we did a Beauty parlor thing. (You need a bunch of women to help you with this....be sure to have wine for them later.) We did face goo masks, french braids, soaked their little toes in fizzy water and then painted their nails. The girls were still talking about it a week later at soccer.

    By Blogger Carly, at 3:15 PM  

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