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Monday, February 28, 2005

Would you buy this book?

I am toying with a new idea for a novel***. Ironically, when I shared it with my hairdresser, he told me that my 'story' was a reality for a certain couple in this sleepy little town where I live.

Here's the premise, see if it moves your bowels or flips your lids, so to speak.

A married couple of ten or so years experience a marital crisis like no other. After the husband admits to a one night stand and begs for forgiveness, they enter marriage therapy and reconcile.
Here's where it gets interesting - the one night stand is ALSO a client of the hairdresser wife. After learning who the husband was and what kind of good wife the hairdresser was, the 'mistress' discovers she is pregnant. Months of guilt go by for the adulteress while the hairdressing wife offers advice and emotional support during her appointments. She even confides of wanting another child despite being unable to conceive again and thoughts of adopting a little girl.

Do you see the story line here? The 'adulteress' gives birth to a daughter, leaves the baby at their doorstep never to return. Her aspirations to be a Las Vegas Showgirl overshadowed her maternal instincts, and knowing that the wife desperately wants a daughter, she knows it is the best thing. Plus, she has to have one redeeming quality, right?

Of course, the baby's paternity is disclosed and therein lies the wife's dilemma. Can she love a baby that is part of her husband's infidelity? What she isn't prepared for is the reaction from her friends at the salon. Friendships that were once solid face shaky ground as she struggles with a decision the whole family will live with forever.

So, is it hokey? It'll be my first voyage into sex scenes not set in a nursing home (Rocks of Ages novel). I was blown away that it had really happened here, the difference was the mother of the child died so the couple had to take that baby in - or at least the father did.

Okay, my peeps, let me know what you think. My other novels (in progress and completed) are outlined in this post in case you are curious. And you know you are. It's like that cold flag pole at school, you just HAVE to put your tongue on it, don't you?

***(In case my agent is reading this, YES I am still working on Rocks Of Ages.)


  • Yes, I would buy it, but don't think it is necessary to include graphic sex scenes. Less is more!

    PS: Your blog is hilarious and a regular stop for me.

    By Blogger Student of History, at 6:55 PM  

  • Sounds interesting. Good drama--I like the salon aspect too.


    By Blogger Demented M, at 11:35 AM  

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