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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I'd like to thank all of the willing participants that made yesterday's "National Flatulence Day" such a resounding success. Eating their total weight in beans and chili was a smart move for one household, but not enought to capture the grand prize - a year's supply of Beano.

Our first place winner, Jonas Smith, concocted a secret formula containing horseradish, popcorn, and juice from pickled beets that NASA may soon purchase for their noxious gas program. Since the judging is done in the home, Mr. Smith's lack of circulating air helped him also win the coveted 'STAYING POWER' title. Despite being overwhelmed by winning, he is concerned about the fact that his household pets have a lifespan of three weeks.

In second place, there was a tie between an eighty year old woman and her fifty five year old son. Egg cartons line their refrigerator shelves, along with Barq's rootbeer. "Yep, we're on that Atkin's diet," Bubba bragged before chugging an entire can with three gulps. "Momma's lost around 30 pounds." His attempt to win the Loudest category was overshadowed by his mother's trumpeting entry into each room. The judge thought a car had backfired outside.

Honorable mention did go to Bubba's dog who was able to run their cat and pet muskrat out of the house after eating Momma's spanish casserole.

Fun was had by all attending the festivities - pictures that were taken are currently undeveloped and possibly damaged by the fumes. T-shirts were to be printed but there was a problem getting the logo and authentic aroma sprayed onto each shirt without harming the environment and people involved.


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