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Friday, February 18, 2005

Your Blog will thank you

It's as if they drugged me, took me to a dark room, and interrogated me for my interests and passions. Since my very first post, I have been hooked on blogging and I'll bet you are, too.

Aren't you tired of searching the Web for the next big thing to use on your blog? I know I am so when I was told about this one of a kind, just for bloggers magazine, I was PUMPED UP (little retro Saturday Night Live reference, get it?)

How do you find it? Will there be a line at Barnes and Nobles? Do you have to submit to a blood test? Will they give your address to the student loan people?

NO, NO, and NO.

Here's the easiest way to get on board to this ground breaking magazine that every blogger must have. Click on this link -
http://blog.orbisterra.com/refblog.php?Tish and that gets you TWO MONTHS FREE.

When is the last time you had something GIVEN to you FREE for two months? STD's withstanding, of course, and there are strong antibiotics for that so PLEASE don't skip a dose for all of our protection.

This is not a paid endorsement. I am not an actor nor did I sleep in a Holiday Inn Express. Void where prohibited. Valid in all 50 states and Argentina (IAN, this means YOU). Do not pass go. Side effects include euphoria, dizziness, inability to stop blogging, etc.


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