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Saturday, February 19, 2005

You've been TISHED

The great Michele has a great thing going at her blog. Her readers go to a one of her blog links and post the phrase "Michele Sent Me". Hold onto your hats, baby, 'cause your comment statistics hit the roof.

I'm no where near Michele's calibur of blogging, but I think anyone that reads my blog and is a link deserves recognition and praise for their fine writing.

And with that, I introduce the "You've been TISHED" game.

It's simple, fun, and calorie free.
  • Just choose five of the blogs on my blogroll and/or the Homespun Bloggers and read their current post.
  • Leave a comment ending with the phrase "You've been TISHED".
  • Come back to this post and let me know who you found.

Let's see just how far apart and small the blog world really is.


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