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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Day One - Sleeps, Eats, and Types

At 9:38 am, my eyes opened with no alarm clock, no children patting my face. Three Girl Scout cookies called my name and found a way to attach themselves directly to my hips. I should have made that omelette, huh? Do All Abouts mix well with mushrooms and eggs?

Hubby left for another date with his mistress, the golf course. He will not return until they have danced the last tango on the 36th hole. Will she tease him with a par? Will he make her scream his name on a hole in one? I'm his weekday love, she's his weekend lover.

But I have my own secret affair, my own private interludes with a man named Jake....my laptop. I dumped Oscar, the clunky desktop version that was slow to please me, slow to save my thoughts, and ended up crashing from a Sesame Street program.

Jake has been through some modifications. Unlike men, laptops can be customized to a woman's tastes - size of the hard drive, increased memory, wireless capabilities. He takes me on whirlwind rides throughout the Internet. He shows great interest in everything I write or create and saves each item with glee. WITH GLEE! Not just some of my rantings, either, Jake loves everything I write or do with him. Its the best asexual relationship I've ever had with a 'man'.

Today, Jake and I will eat lunch at our city's only internet capable restaurant. We will hold hands, giggle, and trade secrets while others watch with curiosity and amusement. Or disgust. Or ambivalence. I won't care.


  • I love that you named your laptop Jake-which was a close second to my car's name of Trevor.

    Enjoy your writing, Tish. Don't comment as much as I should when I read but I do enjoy your writing.

    By Blogger Monica, at 2:56 PM  

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