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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Day Two - Choices abound

After seeing six patients this morning, the day is mine. What shall I choose first?
  • There is an entire downstairs begging for cleaning, sweeping, mopping, steam cleaning, and dusting. Merry Maids won't come back to my home, it's that bad.
  • There are two bedrooms upstairs that would send any normal person screaming for Prozac and a stiff drink.
  • Three dogs would love to run wild over the neighborhood with me chasing them.
  • One novel waiting for the words to spill out of my mind onto the screen.
  • A couch, recliner, and bed all whispering, then chanting, then screaming the word NAP.

One of my favorite bloggers, Karin, has chosen to spend more time writing her novel and less on her blog. Now that's dedication. I respect Karin's decision but will miss her consistent posts. She has the vocabulary of a Harvard grad, that one.

I've thought about it, too, the time I spend on this blog. My second novel, Rocks of Ages, needs completion, editing, and a final revision before the agent can submit it. Am I cheating my novel by blogging? It was my agent that got me into blogging and for that, I thank him. The people that I have met through my blog have grown to be everyday companions. Because of that, I will not stop blogging. Nor writing my novel.

I guess I'll skip that nap and write.

See what ya'll make me do? I'm giving up precious sleep for all of you. That means that when my book sells, every one of you better show up at the signing near your town. I mean it!


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