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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hannibel Lector's Secretary takes a bite of Tish...

1. You've written three novels so far, Tish. Tell us about the process of writing. Do you plan your story by outlining it first, or do you just start right in with Chapter 1 and see what happens?
With Rocks of Ages, my first 'baby', I just sat down and started typing away. That story is forever 'seared in my soul' (John Kerry humor) that I didn't have to write out an outline.
With A Month Full Of Sundays, I wrote it out in a journal, then transferred it to the laptop. I did chart the story out this time, using flowcharts and brainstorming until I got the plot and ending that felt right.
Now, with the suicide story which still has no catchy title (I'm up for suggestions by the way) I am outlining it by chapter. I am changing Points of View so you hear what each character is thinking for this one, very difficult to retain the flow of the story for me. It will, however, add to the suspense and eventual surprise ending of the main characters.

2. In your career as a physical therapist have you ever run across someone who broke your heart? Conversely, how about someone you just wanted to bop upside the head?
Funny you should ask this, Chenoah. I have not posted about the Terri Shiavo case but must relate this story. If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you are aware of my time spent as a nursing home rehab director and Miss Tena. She was my favorite patient by far BUT I had a patient similar to Terri S. in that she was young, stuck in a NH with a feeding tube, and left to die. Our team, consisting of myself, two therapy aides, and an OT, began coma stimulation, followed by aggressive therapy. I am proud to say that our efforts paid off for this patient. The doctors that had written her off were notified of her progression, they inserted a shunt into her brain, and today she is verbal, appropriate, and a part of her family's life. She still resides in the NH, but she is far from the comotose patient she was at the beginning. That is my greatest accomplishment along with Miss Tena in a NH setting. I'm not saying that could have been done with Terri, but I am saying I have witnessed a miracle and believe in them.
As for bad patients, I could write for DAYS about patients that deserve a swift kick in the ass for bad attitudes, noncompliance, and just plain laziness. The thing about me, I look at these people as a challenge to be surmounted. So far, after almost 12 years in PT, I can say that there might be 5 or 6 patients got over on me. Not counting the Chihuahua dog man, that is.

3. What one trait in each of your kids are you most proud of? And (bonus question) is it a trait you share?
My daughter has my dramatic flair, that's for sure. We had the opportunity to act in a play together two years ago, Cat on A Hot Tin Roof, she as my child and me as the pregnant bitch Mae. My husband still says I was typecast but ignore him, please. She is more like me than my son. She has my impatience, my temper, and is honing the manipulative skills that one day will either win her an elected office or really irritate her co-workers.
My son is like my husband, laid back and cautious. He has an eye for the ladies, flirts at a drop of the hat, but his most endearing quality is that he is a sensitive young man. Prayers at night include whatever topic I discuss (ie the Texas City explosion today, he prayed for the workers without any prompting) and he hates to see me cry. That boy has me around his pinkie. God help me.

4. How do you manage your time, what with hubster, kids, writing, blogging, working, and granting interviews?
Oh, the interviews are easy and I love them! I strive for routines with the kids, so when my daughter is doing her homework, I check my blog. I do a lot of paperwork at night for work and personal after they go to bed. My husband probably gets the raw end of the deal out of everyone. My laptop is my 'lover' so to speak and he gets a little jealous of my addiction, but won't ever say it. I do cram writing into any free moment. Yesterday I had a continuing education course for 7 hours, three of which I revised the Suicide book's outline. I am a multi-tasker, what can I say?

5. I've never been Tished. If I had, what would that have been like?
Oh, this could be answered in SO many different ways!
My patients will say that being Tished is like being in boot camp with a drill sergeant from Hell. My friends might tell you that it's like being on a Tiltawhirl of laughter and drama.
My husband, well, that's another story all together.

Thanks to Chenoah for the interview and fantastic questions. I hope that my answers live up to your expectations. And yes, I will honor the 'blog' code by keeping this meme going: the first five commenters will have questions posted by me on this blog.

Until then, keep your eyes on the road and your hands where I can see them.


  • rotfl =)
    I like your style ;)

    By Blogger SunGrooveTheory, at 8:35 PM  

  • I've been Tished...a long time ago...hehehehehe.Been busy and it's only now that I'm trying to update myself with your blog. Ahhhmmmmm...what an interview, I love the answers! Well done! By the way, one of these days, I'll email you and ask about commatose victims. The novel that I'm doing right now has some sort of medical plot. Tc!

    By Blogger "J", at 9:52 PM  

  • Wonderful, Tish! I enjoyed that with a nice Chianti.

    By Blogger Candace, at 11:07 PM  

  • Excellent questions and you answered them remarkably well. Bravo to Tish and Chenoah!

    By Anonymous Wildcat, at 12:58 AM  

  • You most definately deserve to be the Queen of Blogs!

    I try to visit this place every day just to see what Tish has to say today!

    Good work lady!

    By Blogger The Ugly American, at 8:47 AM  

  • On a bad day and in need of a little fix- I turn to Tish.
    When I have had a bad phone call from a customer- Tish is just right.

    Tish is better than 4 asprins at times. ( Midol works wonders though- I know I am not F- but a lady gave me two one time for a bad tension headache- killed it 20 minutes flat.)

    Just keep on being Tish,
    your jewels and perils are wonderful.

    Have a Happy Easter,

    By Blogger ikw3804, at 12:05 PM  

  • "like being in boot camp with a drill sergeant from Hell" Some of my students say the same about me...But we always "disarm" them with the sweet smile, don't we Tish.

    By Blogger ClaudBLOG, at 2:27 PM  

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